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Jobs: design, development, sales, project management and so on!

Join our challenging team

After years of experiments, we decided to be a senior-only studio. Well, semi-senior-only, as Upper middle level is also welcome. This regards all positions.

After all, life is too short to fix rookie mistakes of juniors. It is way cooler to review already solid solutions and with the team find ways to make them even better.

We don’t teach, but being a strong team we learn and share a lot.

So, if you dare, come join us, it will be fun.

P.S. Make sure your English level is at least Upper-Intermediate. Tnx 🙂

Project Manager + Business Analyst

Right now we are eagerly searching for a new addition to our team — a strong project manager & business analyst. A person who would jump into a new task, understand it, define the Scope of Work, write Product Requirements and subsequently check if the deliverables conform.

Senior Interface Designer

We are looking for a talented interface designer to join our team. You will take part in projects from A to Z: carry out research, prototyping, create visual solutions and oversee the implementation of your projects.  

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